5 Amazing Types of Electric Heater

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5 Amazing Types of Electric Heater

An electric heater is a piece of electrical equipment that transforms an electric current into heat. Cold weather necessitates the usage of heaters in nearly every household, which heats the interiors of space in a matter of minutes. They keep your freezing workplace warm and your house guests comfy all night. During the chilly winter months, electric heaters provide you greater control over your comfort and allow you to carry heat to where you need it and we are one of the best electric heater manufacturers in India

Electric heaters, like any other equipment, exist in a range of types and sizes, each with its own set of characteristics. Also, we are a well-known Electric Heater supplier in India. Our electric heater may be utilized in homes, businesses, kitchens, or bathrooms, depending on your needs. These are likely the most straightforward ways to keep yourself and your surroundings warm.

Why should you use electric heating?

Electric heating is an excellent choice for any house, especially when you consider the benefits it provides:

  • Efficiency: Every watt of power absorbed from the wall is converted into useable heat by all the electric heaters, making them 100% efficient at the point of usage.
  • Simple installation: No piping/boiler fitting required. Moreover, many electric heaters are suitable for do-it-yourself installation or can be connected by an electrician.
  • No yearly audits/inspections are necessary. Only a light dusting is required to keep them in good shape.
  • Electric heaters do not depend on gas, therefore carbon monoxide leaks are not likely.

Types of Electric Heater

Electric heaters are categorized according to how they produce heat. Your option will be determined by your heating requirements:

  • Panel heaters can be wall-mounted/freestanding, and some come with fans.
  • Radiant heaters provide heat by heating oil within the device, which does not require refueling.
  • Fan heaters use a fan to transfer heat from an element.
  • Ceramic heaters have a ceramic heating element and may have a fan to help distribute heat.
  • Infrared heater use a surface within the heater to create heat as well as they use Infrared energy generates heat. 

Final Words

Understanding the distinctions between these types of heaters can aid you in finding the ideal heating option for each area in your home. We have something to fit all interiors, whether you’re installing an infrared panel in your bathroom or an electric radiator in your kitchen, so have a look at our selection now and feel free to browse through Shiva Heater.

5 Amazing Types of Electric Heater, Industrial Heater Manufactures India

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