Cable Heating Element

We are a leading Cable heating elements manufacturers in India. The cable heating elements that we produce are ideal for applications that require a flexible heater that guarantees optimal insulation, also when immersed or in environments with high humidity. The versatile coil/cable heater can be formed into a variety of shapes. Cable heaters are small in diameter, high-performance units completely annealed, and conveniently bent to a variety of configurations. We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology in coiling and fabrication to produce the finest heating elements and coils in the industry. We regularly train our staff and install modern machinery to fulfill the demands of our customers. We pass our products on various quality metrics, so our customers can get the final products that are free of any flaws. Further, we offer these at affordable rates.

We are one of the renowned Cable heating elements suppliers in Gurugram. The cable heater can be formed into a compact, coiled nozzle heater that supplies 360deg of heat with optional distributed wattage. A straight cable heater can snake through an equipment application. Flat spiral configurations can be used in high-tech manufacturing while a star wound cable can be used for air &gas heating. Different applications require different construction methods, including one, two, or four resistance wires, parallel coil or straight wire, drawn or swaged sheaths, with or without internal thermocouples, leads exiting from one or both ends, and round, rectangular or square cable cross sectionals. These heaters are a revolutionary thermal engineering design, known for their high efficiency.

Cable Heating Element, Industrial Heater Manufactures India
  1. High ductility allows them to be cold-formed into almost any shape
  2. Low mass enables fast reaction in both heating and cooling
  3. Proficient in working in unusual environments, including cryogenic& sub-freezing temperatures, high vacuum, gaseous& liquid immersion heaters
  4. Durable construction
  5. Corrosion& oxidation resistance
  6. Ideal expansion properties
  1. Cartridge Heater Style Heaters
  2. Duct Heaters
  3. Freeze Protection
  4. Gas/Air Heaters
  5. Gas (Oxygen) Analyzer Heaters and Probes
  6. Heat Trace
  7. Heated Injection Machine Nozzles
  8. Lab Equipment
  9. Machine Components
  10. Pipe Heaters
  11. Silicon Wafer Processing

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