Cartridge Heater- The Most Convenient Heating Element

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Cartridge Heater- The Most Convenient Heating Element

An industrial heating component with a tube shape called a Cartridge Heater can be fitted into pre-drilled apertures. In the heating process sector, heaters are extensively employed because they offer accurate and targeted heating.

The heaters can be custom designed to a particular watt density based on the specifications of the application and are commonly used to warm a metal block from within. The majority of the time,  the heaters are placed into drilled holes to heat metallic objects. The heaters are slightly undersized compared to their diameter size for simple assembly.

What are the uses of cartridge heaters?

By inserting them into pre-drilled holes, the heaters are most often used to heat dies, steel plates, castings, and other metallic objects. They are also ideal for applications necessitating liquid immersion. Some examples of unique uses are provided below:

●        Heating of both gases and liquids

●        Metal moulds for hot runners

●        Hot stamping

●        Presses for laminating

●        Medical supplies

●        Plastic Machining

●        Scientific Apparatus

The Cartridge Heater Suppliers in India clearly say that these be-shaped heaters are used in a plethora of ways; packaging, heat sealing, lamination, refrigeration, and hot-melt reservoir or injectors, consider a low-watt density heater. Plastic evaporators, hot stamping, diagnostic implants, food processing, hot-runner moulds, and other plastic moulding machinery all employ high-watt density heaters.

How can the Cartridge Heaters have the most heat transmission and last the longest?

A suitable fit must be taken into consideration.

Careful fitting is essential for high-watt density heaters to achieve optimum efficiency and long durability. The heaters are designed for a sliding fit so that they are typically at least.001 under the diameter size but never more than.005 under.

These tight fits ensure quick heat exchange from the heater and assist in keeping the device as cool as possible, both of which improve lifespan.

Be mindful of the moisture issue.

An internal vacuum is generated every time the power to the heaters is cut off, pulling air in from the surroundings. Moisture or pollutants (grease, gas, etc.) can be pulled into the heater and lead to a fault condition, which forces the heater to fail.

Cycling must be performed safely.

Rapid temperature differences from very low to extremely high massively reduce the longevity of heaters. Therefore, it is recommended that precautions be taken to identify the proper wattage for each given installation. A 50/50 cycle between both the off and on states is the optimum wattage.

The voltage must be appropriately supplied.

Any electric heater’s wattage changes with the square of the voltage. A 120 Volt heater driven by 240 Volts will produce a wattage that is four times more powerful than a 120 Volt heater powered by 120 Volts. Under ordinary circumstances, this can lead to heater collapse.

Top Brand of Cartridge Heater:

Engineered carefully to achieve superior heat transfer qualities as well as robust physical strength needed for long life and superior performance that makes Shiva Products the Prominent Cartridge Heater Manufacturers in India. The needs of our customers are our top priorities, and we take great pride in being recognized as one of the leading manufacturers.

These heaters are made for applications that necessitate high operating temperatures. We design cutting-edge thermal solutions catered specifically for our customers’ various sustainable needs.

Cartridge Heater- The Most Convenient Heating Element, Industrial Heater Manufactures India

Shiva Products

Shiva Products has been providing heating solutions since 2011 by utilizing their expertise in manufacturing industrial heaters and heating elements.

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