Duct Heating Element

We are one of Gurugram’s remarkable Duct Heating Element manufacturers. We provide Duct Heating elements that are designed durably and effectively. These heaters have the ability to heat a huge volume of air. It includes a special feature to warm up and also cool down the air within a period. This kind of heater is designed in a very versatile manner which has the characteristics to be used in both commercial and industrial applications. You can find a range of options in size, a specification that is built both in single and three-phase volts. This enables our clients to select the one that fits well with their needs and requirement.

We are one of the preeminent Duct Heating Element Suppliers in India. Reliability and robustness are the key considerations for our engineers. They are recommended for use in a wide variety of applications and industrial processes, for heating air or inert gas flows in a safe area. These products are designed by our technical department, according to the client’s request or technical specifications. Our whole team dedicates their time to analysis before beginning the design part, which means that the end product you get will give you the best possible results. These cost-effective and highly robust duct heaters are used in air conditioning systems for the heating of industrial premises. The Duct heaters for rectangular or round ducts are made up of stainless steel heating elements or sometimes finned heating elements mounted on a galvanized or stainless steel plate. We provide a broad range of custom-built products in various capacities at reasonable rates.

Duct Heating Element, Industrial Heater Manufactures India
  1. Unique construction design
  2. Excellent performance under challenging circumstances
  3. Made from premium quality raw materials
  4. Use of advanced technology
  5. Long service life
  6. Available in different configurations with a wide temperature resistant range
  1. Air Drying/Curing Operations
  2. Booster Air Heater
  3. Braking Resistor
  4. Core Drying
  5. Dehumidification
  6. Forced Air Comfort Heating
  7. Heat Treating
  8. Make-Up Air Heating
  9. Re-Heating
  10. Resistor Load Banks

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