IR Heaters

At Shiva Products team of professionals use advanced technology & unique construction design developed by our engineers have helped to offer high tech Infrared Heater. We are the well known IR Heater Manufacturer in India and are constructed using a firmly burnt-in heating coil that maximum output in form of heat energy, making it one of the most efficient Heater available in the market. Also, the construction of our Heater consists of heatproof resistance wire that provides safety against any damage. We provide the unique construction design of our Heater ensures that the resistance of the Heater is made to remain constant over the whole temperature range, which in turn offers long service life. SO, because of the qualitative material we are considering as the best Infrared Heater supplier in India.

IR Heaters, Industrial Heater Manufactures India

Moreover, our Heater are used in several industries as well as facilities for ideal heating applications. And, designed to give maximum temperature output within your budget, these Heater can be availed in different specifications and varieties. Also, we are known as one of the leading IR Heater Suppliers, as well as you can rely on our years of experience in this industry. Because they are capable of giving high-temperature output, IR Heater are suitable for high-intensity heat applications.

  1. High surface ranking
  2. Outstanding thermal insulation
  3. Extensive operating temperature range
  4. Exceptional construction design
  5. Premium quality raw materials
  6. High operational proficiently
  7. Extraordinary radiation properties
  1. Lamination Industries
  2. Drying Textiles
  3. Shrink Packaging Machines
  4. Rubber Curing
  5. Thermoforming
  6. Plastic Forming
  7. Drying Lacquers and Paints

Our IR Heater have Wattage from 500 to 4000 as well as Volts 230 / 415.

To sum up, if you want to buy our Industrial IR Heater, request a quote right now by either filling the inquiry form or just contact us directly over the phone. Also, we are the best Infrared Heater manufacturer; provide you the ultimate quality of Heater.

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IR Heaters, Industrial Heater Manufactures India
IR Heaters, Industrial Heater Manufactures India