Strip Finned Heating Element

We are the leading Strip Finned Heating Element manufacturers in India. Finned Strip Heaters are designed to have optimum available surface area for fast heat transfer to moving air. Fins increase the surface area of heat transfer to allow higher wattages than standard Strip Heaters. They are typically used in heating tunnels, dryers, or any application that requires a hot air source. This can also be used in hot air blowing, air ducts forced air circulation, etc. They are an excellent industrial heating product that can be easily controlled by using a heating control panel, mechanical thermostat, or cost-effective bi-metal thermostats that can be installed on the surface of the heater. They are a relatively affordable way to heat small spaces and are an ideal solution to meet any budget.

We are a paramount Strip Finned Heating Element suppliers in Gurugram India. It is used for heating the smooth and flat surfaces and is surrounded by the finned, which allow better transfer of heat air within the application. It is corrosion-resistant, and ideal for forced-air systems, heat pumps, convection heating, incubators, etc. Mounting holes help mount the heaters firmly on the wall housing with a terminal extended from the sheath for easy electrical connections. Finned strip heaters are composed of a heating element, a protective sleeve or sheath, and mounting hardware along with steel finned that are used to extend surface area. The fins are spaced in a way that maximizes surface contact so that heat is displaced and then transferred into the air faster. They can be clamped on objects or solid surface touch heating over large areas and are primarily used in indoor applications.

Strip Finned Heating Element, Industrial Heater Manufactures India
  1. Use the advanced technology
  2. Give great output
  3. Suitable for higher temperatures
  4. High heat transfer rates and fast heat-up
  5. Long-life
  6. Corrosion-resistant
  7. Large selection of lengths,sizes&terminations
  8. Low expansion characteristics
  9. Distributed wattage available
  10. Easy&economical to install
  1. Process air heating
  2. Duct Heaters
  3. Dehumidifiers
  4. Space heating
  5. Packaging and sealing equipment
  6. Food warming equipment
  7. Vulcanizing presses
  8. Drying equipment
  9. Laboratory equipment
  10. Air conditioning

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