What is a Cartridge Heater, and how does it works?

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What is a Cartridge Heater, and how does it works?

As per Cartridge Heater Manufacturers, a cartridge heater is ideally a tube-shaped heating element used in industries, and it can be easily inserted in drilled holes. These heaters are likely to provide some localized and precise heating and are mainly used in the heating process. 

They can be used to heat some metal block from the interiors and be personalized as per your needs as per Cartridge Heater Suppliers. Furthermore, the cartridge heater features a resistance coil wrapped around a ceramic core surrounded by dielectric and encashed in some metal sheath. It is powered by heat transferred through the ring to some sheath causing the sheath up. 

Working of Cartridge Heater

Ideal Temperatures for Heaters:

The cartridge heaters can work at low, medium or high watts, and they are specially designed to align with the working temperature of not less than 1400 F., but the perfect operating temperature mainly depends on the application for which the cartridge is used. It is vital to know that there are several factors, including cartridge heater watt density, that are likely to impact the temperature of the heater. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the cartridge heater watt density besides temperature.

The thermals need to be turned off if they aren’t used at some high temperatures. Furthermore, the electrical terminals must be different from the standard high-temperature wires. The cartridge must be used for heating platens, besides other metal parts.

Placement of The Sensor: 

Furthermore, as per Immersion Heater Suppliers, the sensor for temperature control is a vital factor that needs to be placed between your working surface and part of the heaters. The temperature mainly is 1/2″ away from the heaters. You also need to consider the power control you can get with the heater. They are also bolted or magnetic on the surface.


When it comes to getting hands on premium products such as Cartridge Heater, you must get your hands on the right manufactures such as Shiva Products. The products offered here are very reliable which is an amalgamation of good quality and advanced technologies. 

What is a Cartridge Heater, and how does it works?, Industrial Heater Manufactures India

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