What Should You Know About Ceramic Band Heater?

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What Should You Know About Ceramic Band Heater?

The Ceramic Band’s heat comes from the inner coils, which conduct heat at the highest possible temperatures. Band heaters are cylindrical heating devices with a ring-shaped heating element clamped around them. In ceramic band heater, spirally wrapped inner resistance coils are threaded consistently through interlocking insulated ceramic “tiles”. The conductive approach is used for heat transfer from band heaters.

Most band heaters clamp around the cylindrical element’s outside diameter and heat it from the outside. Some goods clamp down on a pipe’s inner diameter. To limit heat loss to the environment, most band heaters come with ceramic or mineral insulation. In the era of Covid , safety is our main focus and as we are ceramic band heater suppliers we take complete care of you safety and offers no touch delivery on time.

Benefits of Ceramic Band Heater

● Ceramic band heaters use both conduction and radiation to transfer heat.

● A stainless-steel sheet with serrated edges protects the ceramic core.

● The Ceramic Band Heater’s integrated assembly provides a flexible heating system that efficiently transmits conduction and radiated heat.

Two Types of Band Heaters: 

Mica band heaters 

● Ceramic band heaters.

What is their mechanism of action?

Heaters work in a various ways, and each has its own set of characteristics. The principle of resistive heating is used in ceramic heaters. This is a method that produce heat by passing an electric current through a conductor. The conductor in this example is a ceramic plate. 

Because, it has a higher resistance to current, ceramic has great thermal conductivity. As the current strains to get through the ceramic, it generates even more heat! Ceramic heaters are made up of ceramic plates that are attached to metal coils that conduct heat. The heat is subsequently absorbed by the ceramic plates and released into the air.


Shiva Products is our name. Ceramic Band Heater is a high-quality product that is in high demand among our valued customers. To assure its strength and quality, this heater is put through a series of quality checks in accordance with industry standards.  As in demands manufacturers has high pressure of work , so here Shiva Products , we are the best Ceramic Band Heaters Manufacturers and we take guarantee of products even.

What Should You Know About Ceramic Band Heater?, Industrial Heater Manufactures India

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