Infrared Quartz Heating Element

We are one of the most passionate Infrared Quartz Heating Element manufacturers in India, offering its products in different configurations to suit the need of your industry. Quartz infrared heating elements provide medium wave infrared radiation. Normally favored and used for industrial processes where rapid heater response and zone-controlled heating is needed, quartz elements heat up in seconds. It is made in ceramic and silica fused quartz tube sheathing. They are excellent for surface heating and for drying coatings paint, dyes, lacquers, adhesives, and in the processing of plastic sheets and films. They are available in Clear or Opaque Quartz Tube with gold or ceramic reflective coatings which focus the emitted energy onto the substrate. Operating up to 750°C, they have a broad emission spectrum from around 1.4 to 8 microns, slightly shorter in wavelength than ceramic elements. They are used only in a horizontal position, fitted with a specially built heating coil to ensure long life and the Least maintenance requirements.

We are a renowned Infrared Quartz Heating Elements Suppliers in Gurugram. A versatile and popular radiant emitter, infrared quartz heating elements provide an instant heat response wherever needed, across a variety of industrial process applications. Quartz heaters emit higher temperatures with resistance wire inside a quartz tube. A quartz heater can achieve the temperature for which it is built in less than a second although this time and temperature can be difficult to regulate. This makes them especially efficient and effective for manufacturing processes such as plastic thermoforming, curing, and heater systems with long heater-off cycles. It can flash an ink impression in 1 to 3 seconds and be instantly off. Quartz heaters are most often used in automatic presses. Custom quartz heating elements are also an option for our customers. They are available in various configurations to suit the needs of your industry.

Infrared Quartz Heating Element, Industrial Heater Manufactures India
  1. Superiority & simple usability.
  2. Durable
  3. Less maintenance
  1. Medical Equipment-Incubator
  2. IR Conveyorised Preheating Systems
  3. Paperboard Coating and Drying
  4. Powder Coating
  5. Paint baking
  6. Screen Print Drying
  7. Lamination
  8. Heating in Vacuum

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